KPMG Fulcrum is a web-based enterprise app store that provides access to a multitude of webapps designed to help you and your business achieve greater heights.
With KPMG Fulcrum, not only do you get a superior digital experience on a highly secure and trusted platform but you are also able to access KPMG IP, content, methods and experts right in the browser of your choice.

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KPMG at your fingertips
KPMG Fulcrum puts KPMG toolkits and methodologies covering a multitude of disciplines from tax, to regulatory, to IT and Forensics at your fingertips; enabling you to quickly perform self-assessments, assess process maturity and benchmark your capabilities. All this with absolute peace of mind thanks to our approach to protecting your security and your privacy

A world of webapps
Content on KPMG Fulcrum is accessible through a variety of webapps designed and supported by our world-class team of digital experts who work tirelessly to offer superior value, design processes and construction methods to our clients.

Check our roadmap to read more about the webapps available on KPMG Fulcrum

Free to use

Access to KPMG Fulcrum is freely available to all approved KPMG Client Organisations and their employees.

Security and Privacy

Your information is protected on our secure platform that complies with Privacy Regulation.

Better Insights

Receive better insights on every level. Benchmark yourself against your peers.

Fully Responsive

Our fully responsive architecture guarantees optimal performance and a superior user experience on any browser on any device, including computers, tablets and smartphones.

A webapp for all your needs

Assess your business from a variety of angles using our survey, assessment and maturity modelling webapps. There’s also a load of other webapps from various categories. What’s more … if you can’t find the webapp you need, we’ll build one for you and host it right on KPMG Fulcrum.