KPMG Fulcrum is an innovative digital solution leveraging the power of the Cloud to help you change the way you see your business and your professional service provider. Fulcrum makes it simpler to access professional services and related apps quickly, conveniently and in the format you want whilst also giving you a unique approach to furthering your own digital ambitions by providing a platform on which to deploy and host your own apps.

We provide all this while ensuring that you receive the data security and privacy, control and transparency you need to protect the information you and your employees trust to KPMG Fulcrum.


Authentication / Authorisation:
Users are able to self-provision accounts only on approved client domains.
Password and user account management is strictly enforced according to KPMG Global Security Standards.

Enrolment and subscription:
KPMG Fulcrum is designed to provide multi-factor authentication at the user level, where clients require this to be enforced.
Access to all parts of KPMG Fulcrum are role-based access and easily manageable by client administrators from the secure client control panel.

Service Continuity, Reliability:
Databases are replicated on a real-time basis with fail-over controls in place in the event that a primary data link becomes unavailable.
Daily backups are performed as an additional control.

Log and Data Retention:
Logging of all critical transactions and user activity.
Client data is hosted, archived and destroyed in accordance with data retention policies and privacy regulations.
Clients have access to their own data and can request to export this at any time for storage on their own infrastructure.

All data is encrypted - at rest and in transit.



Security and Privacy are cornerstones of KPMG Fulcrum. Your data and information are stored with confidence in a trusted environment. Our robust security means that your information is kept secure at all times.
KPMG Fulcrum Security Manifest 931KB PDF document