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Curious to know what we’re working on next?
We have made our webapp roadmap public so you can see the direction we’re taking KPMG Fulcrum now and in the future
Use the roadmap for a quick overview of the work involved and the features of each one of our apps.

  • JUNE 2016

    LearningPoint offers a series of unique online learning programs in a variety of topics covering governance, risk, compliance and regulatory. Our curriculum, drawing on KPMG’s deep experience and prepared by subject matter experts, comprises prepared learning modules as well as bespoke learning interventions.

    In addition to providing a range of specialised courses, we work with our clients to convert their existing, offline training materials into dynamic eLearning modules.

  • JULY 2016

    KPMG Go Global Opportunities offers accessibility of career opportunities across the globe.

    GO!Mobility gives the team a smarter way to manage applications, get approval from HR Managers and Partners and a dashboard of applications to ensure smooth secondment, promotion and placement.

  • AUGUST 2016

    SurveyPoint is an app that allows you to create professional surveys, collect responses, view and analyse results. Surveys can be conducted internally with your company staff or externally with your customers, focus groups and more.

    Survey results are produced real-time and results are stored securely. Respondents have the option to submit responses anonymously.

    SnapPoll allows you to easily create and administer a poll and engage your target audience in real time. You can use SnapPoll to rapidly gather and assess the opinions of your target audience whether your objective is to conduct an opinion poll, a straw poll or even to run an election. All polls are available directly from the Fulcrum home page to maximise visibility and increase response rates.

    KBucks is an employee rewards and recognition app that not only allows your employees to claim rewards for activities performed but also allows them to recognise each other and nominate them for rewards. The rewards engine can be tailored to your program and incentives can be easily customised according to your needs.

  • SEPTEMBER 2016

    TechX drives the innovation cycle across your team. Every staff member is able to submit one or more innovative ideas that they would like to undertake as a project. If people like the idea, they can up-vote it to make it happen. If the idea receives enough backers it can be promoted to project status by your innovation leadership team.

  • OCTOBER 2016

    With all your staff members using Fulcrum and maintaining their profiles, accessing a fully responsive employee directory is only a click away. StaffBook comes with a companion mobile app that enables you to browse and search for employees whilst on the go. You have immediate access to employee photos, contact details, office locations, skills and experience, and more.

    TaskPro allows you to create, view, assign and manage your tasks easily online. Keep up to date with tasks that are due each day and easily assign tasks to your colleagues.

    TaskPro is tightly integrated across the Fulcrum platform so any tasks or alerts that require your attention on any of the apps are conveniently presented in one, easy to access location. In this way, all workflow alerts, requests, comments and more are guaranteed to be delivered and to receive the right attention.

    DocuPro is a highly secure cloud storage solution that allows users to easily share files with colleagues. Users can save files to folders, add new folders and move files among folders just as if they were all local.

    Users can download, edit and upload versions of files. All versions of files are saved on Fulcrum so you get an audit trail of changes that have been made.

  • NOVEMBER 2016

    DPP In Touch is used by KPMG staff to raise a query to both Accounting and Assurance in order to resolve any issues. Queries are created online with the notion to reduce manual form / ticket completion and therefore reduce recourse that was needed in the initial query stage.

    The app also allows accurate and up to date statistics, including total queries submitted, outstanding queries and query or resolution status.

    TeamManager helps teams accelerate their performance by assigning tasks, communicating with each other and tracking progress all in one place. With TeamManager, all members of the team stay on top of their allocated tasks and know exactly what needs to happen in order to meet deadlines. With TeamManager being used by KPMG teams to deliver high pressure audits and consulting engagements, it’s sure to meet your requirements.

  • DECEMBER 2016

    TransitionPlanner is used by KPMG to manage and drive the transition effort when KPMG has been appointed as new auditors to a client organisation.

    TransitionPlanner helps smoothly manage the transition between audit firms while always keeping the client organisation up to date.

  • JANUARY 2017

    KPMG Spiral is an app used to independently valuate and assess financial instruments. The app can process a wide variety of “vanilla” and “exotic” instruments and can be tailored to meet your organisation's unique portfolio all in one centralised place.

  • FEBRUARY 2017

    Skills development is an integral part of any organisation and with our Learnership Inventive Tax Tool, organisations can effectively manage their allowances online.

    KPMG LITT allows organisations to capture learnership contracts and certifications, calculate rebates for budget purposes and generate IT180 forms to be submitted to SARS in one centralised place.

  • MARCH 2017

    Maturity Modeller Workbench helps KPMG Subject Matter Experts build maturity models used to assess your organisation's current strengths and weaknesses across multiple facets.

    The published models are available in the app store as standalone apps that enable organisations to assess the maturity of their processes covering topics such as Governance, Regulatory, Security and many more.

    This exercise takes just a few minutes and provides a base from which to drive decision making.

    Results can also be benchmarked against similar organisations and industries.

  • APRIL 2017

    TouchPoint Workbench is a solution that allows KPMG subject matter expects to build questionnaires and assessments that enable client organisations to perform self-assessments based on KPMG methodologies and tools.

    The published models are available in the app store as standalone apps and can be completed by clients in groups or individually.

    Results can also be benchmarked against similar organisations and industries.

  • MAY 2017

    KPMG Intercom is a web based, mobile notification and news application, designed to simplify the sending of news, calendar events, important dates and instant alerts to a group of people from a central point. It is, in effect, an electronic communicator that pushes scheduled, daily and/or instantaneous messages to the end user.

    The KPMG Intercom scheduling capability allows for planned communication, delivered to the end users on the pre-selected date and time, making management a breeze. All communication is reviewed and approved, before going out to the end users, ensuring quality and company standard communication.

  • JUNE 2017

    360 Degree Feedback is a process utilised by many companies in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee's manager, peers and direct reports.

    Upward Feedback takes the pain out of the feedback process by enabling staff to quickly and easily rate their superiors anonymously online. Administrators have access to detailed reports that quickly allow them to identify top performers as well as potential problem areas so that appropriate interventions can be implemented.

    A webapp that can be used in live events, meetings and conferences to gather opinions through a live, interactive poll using delegate's personal devices. No additional software needed!

  • JULY 2017

    An app that allows KPMG people to make bookings for their KPMG Wellness Treatments

    DocuPro Collaborator is a highly secure cloud storage solution that allows organisations to store, share and collaborate on documents within a closed, authorised group.

  • AUGUST 2017

    Working with feedback received from you, we're enhancing our popular SurveyPOINT webapp to enable cool new features such as conditional answering and limited invitations.

    Launch of our exciting new interface and app store

  • SEPTEMBER 2017

    DocuPro Enterprise is a highly secure cloud storage solution that allows organisations to collaborate around the creation of documents and then to store and share them internally. Once documents are published, you can monitor who has looked at them and can collect acknolwegdements from staf that they have read and understood the contents of the document.

    It's perfect for distributing policies and then tracking and reporting on user awareness and acceptance.

    A webapp designed to gather nominations for trustees and board members and then to manage the election process

  • OCTOBER 2017

    We've taken DPP In Touch to the next level. With clear alignment between Accounting and Audit & Assurance query types, the WebApp now supports the intricacies of the different workflow patterns. We've also added over 50 new enhancements and features including:

    • Configurable parameters
    • Customisable option lists and alerts
    • User configuration of messaging
    • In-app chat feature
    • Document storage and disemmination
    • "Escalate to Reviewer"
    • Open and escalate old support queries
    • Multi-country support

    and so much more ...

  • NOVEMBER 2017

    DeclarationPoint helps organisations to track and report on perceived and actual Conflicts of Interest by evaluating employee personal declarations covering a variety of configurable areas, including:

    • Gifts given and received
    • Personal Investments
    • Ownership Interests
    • Non-Commercial Interests
    • Relationships with related parties
    • Additional work interests

  • DECEMBER 2017

    Enhancements and new features both on the front-end and the administrative panels. We've reworked our risk integration engine as well as the cart/payment channels. We've added additional layers of security and strnegthened the analytic engine.

  • JANUARY 2018

    Intercom 2.0 is being launched with a shiny new mobile app (available on iStore and Google Play). The app introduces streamlined content creation and delivery as well as a much more intiuitive user interface on the mobile app. We've also driven then app to be multi-country, enabling KPMG practices from around the world to managae their own instance of Intercom.

  • FEBRUARY 2018

    A companion app to our orginal Go!Mobility WebApp, Go!Recruiter exposes to all subscribed KPMG member firms all applicants who have been approved for secondment. It's a virtual job portal that can be browsed by host countries who are looking to recruit candidates on a short-, long- or permanent-term basis.

    We've also taken the opportunity to bring about changes to the original Go!Mobility WebApp by aligning it closer to global recruiting requirements and streamlining some of the back-end adminstration tasks.